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What Is Forest School? 

Forest School is a global movement focused on holistic learning through immersion in nature. The long-term, sustained approach to learning in the outdoors creates a safe, supported environment for whole child development. The Forest School model embraces the living context of the natural world as the basis for creative learning and the development of "21st Century Skills" such as problem-solving, communication & and resilience. Perhaps most importantly, Forest School is a philosophy, but not an ideology. Our program is adaptable and focused on the healthy development of each child as they explore and experience learning in the natural world. 

Our Approach 

Place Based Learning

Place-Based Learning (PBL) is a educational framework that utilizes the specific geographical and regional environment to as a tool for deep learning. PBL is an effective and meaningful way for children to learn about concepts such as natural resources, life cycles, diversity and sustainability. 

Emergent Curriculum 

Emergent Curriculum is a method  and practice of teaching in which the course of study emerges in real time based on teacher observation of each child's unique learning needs and interests. Emergent learning in Forest School is focused on development of the whole child through play, exploration and discovery in the natural world.  

Supported Risk Taking

Immersion in nature provides ongoing opportunities to experience age appropriate risk through the challenges and elements inherent to the natural environment.  In Forest School, these risks are both individual and collaborative and help childrent to develop confidence, resilience and teamwork skills. 

 Meet Our Staff 

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