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Our Program
We offer a completely outdoor educational experience for pre-K through middle school-aged children. Children must be fully independent with toileting before beginning our program. We offer a full-time school day program as well as part-time homeschool enrichment options. We meet M-F from 9am-3pm and we offer two, three or five day per week enrollment options. Click Here to see our tuition rates for full and part-time enrollment. Our class size is very limited due to our low teacher-student ratio. Our program is mixed age, which promotes cooperation and compassion, and provides mutual learning opportunities across the age span. We offer a standard 10-month school year and we follow the local public elementary school calendar in regard to holiday breaks, scheduled days off, and weather cancellations. Please click below to access our 2022-2023 school calendar. 

We are registered with the state of Kansas as a non-accredited private school. The state of Kansas does not distinguish between enrollment in a non-accredited private school and homeschooling. Our full-time program is designed to fulfill all of your child's academic needs across subject areas and we maintain your child's student records and portfolio. Part-time enrollment is intended to supplement your family's homeschool program. 

Outside of cancellations due to unsafe weather conditions (as determined by the public schools), we plan to meet outdoors, year-round, and in all weather conditions.  Proper all-weather clothing and gear are essential for all children enrolled at Morning Song. Please click below for our required gear and school supplies list.

COVID-19 Considerations & Illness Policy: Being outdoors is known to significantly lower the risk of transmission of COVID-19 & other illnesses. Still, we take prevention seriously and take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination between children and staff. All staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  We require that students stay home from school for 7 days if they or anyone in their household tests positive for COVID-19. If your child is feeling ill or has a fever they must remain at home for 7 days or you must provide a negative COVID-19 test before returning to school. Even if negative for COVID-19, all children MUST be free of fever (without fever-reducing medication), vomiting, and/or diarrhea before returning to school.   Morning Song will follow all related city, county, state, and federal mandates in regard to masking or stay-at-home orders as applicable at any given time. We also reserve the right to make decisions regarding masking or other mitigation strategies based on our assessment of current case counts or other factors in our community. We believe that with cooperation and mutual consideration of others we can operate safely and in the best interest of students and staff during this challenging time. 


Key Principles of Forest School

Emergent Curriculum: Observing children's interests is the basis for lesson planning, projects, and curriculum development. Each child becomes the director of their personal learning. The role of the teacher is to be an observer, a co-learner, a facilitator, and a resource developer, rather than a direct instructor or transmitter of information. 

Nature Immersion: Forest school is a long-term program that takes place entirely outdoors, throughout the seasons. The goal of a FS program is to foster holistic development, emphasizing resilience, confidence, independence, and creativity. Forest School welcomes challenges and appropriate risk-taking and allows children to explore their boundaries in a safe, supported environment. 

Play-Based Learning: Forest School class sessions involve long periods of child-led, unstructured time in nature. In a FS program, childhood is seen as a valid part of life, not simply preparation for adulthood. Children in deep play are not disrupted for the sake of academic or teacher-led activities. Rather, play is embraced as an important part of learning and whole-child development. 

Communal Emphasis: Forest School learning is a social activity. Children are given personal space to construct, build, and explore as well as opportunities for socialization in a multi-age environment. Children in a FS program are recognized as contributors and respect is given equally to all members of the community. Mutual trust is foundational in teacher-student relationships and those between students.

Why Forest School? 



Children in our modern society spend less time outdoors and are less physically active than ever before in history. Forest School provides daily opportunities for joyful movement in nature. The result is increased stamina, improved motor skills, balance and coordination.



The emergent curriculum of Forest School fosters children's natural curiosity and desire to learn. Immersion in nature has been proven to result in increased concentration, problem solving skills and solution focused thinking .



Outdoor learning creates a sense of flow with the seasons and the natural environment. Research has shown children engaged in Forest School programs to have increased social emotional awareness, compassion for self and others, and a deep appreciation of social justice and the environment. 

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